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In order to protect the integrity of our content, has a strict policy against allowing editorial favor to be purchased by any advertiser. Taking it one step further, advertising campaigns are based solely on an invitation basis that requires the vendor or nightclub to be established among our visitors. We will not provide or promote events or products that won’t appeal to them. works with major nightlife management groups, regional and national promotion companies, and corporate brands who can receive a direct line of customers from our website/social media. Additionally, we work directly with various leading lifestyle companies, alcohol brands, ride share companies, and hotels.
If you feel your brand is a good fit for Events Guides, please email with more information on your company.

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We routinely receive products for review and promotion, to include alcohol, clothing, footwear, and other items related to the Tournament Week. Please share detailed information of your product including any online advertising you are currently doing, digital logos, product images, and links to social media/website.

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